Avion Blackstone



With a fetish for eye-stinging color and ear-tingling lyrics, Avion Blackstone is pop musician, obsessed by the future of love, lust, and human connection. A singer, songwriter, and graphic artist, xe draws inspiration from the science fiction books, movies, and games than shaped xer youthful philosophy and relationship.

Avion uses xer gifts with piano and words to touch the world and people around xer. Xer music blends sci-fi soundscapes with succulent, intimate vocals and ASMR tones to produce the feeling of being both miles apart and inches away from xer listeners.

“I want my work to make people uncomfortable, make them vulnerable, make them see how much we all hide.” Xe says. “I want to show how today more than ever before love of every kind is a flawed, deeply human thing. And what, and who, and how we love is the only thing that is real.”

Self described as gender fluid and autistic, Avion is a proud geek, avid board gamer, and dedicated lover of fuzzy sweaters, hot tea, and extremely long audio books. Xe is American born and currently hails from Austin TX, where xe shares life with xer piano Gemini, two kitties Egypt and Clara, and xer board-games-for-life love-partner.